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We have now closed our Hanworth showroom and will be running our services
our Littlehampton showroom in West Sussex in the future.  
You can still contact us either using our old number or on 01903 733528.

Folding Wheelchairs

Folding Wheelchairs – From traditional scissor folding transit and self-propelled wheelchairs, to custom made to measure fold flat models. Ideal for both occasional and active users. Variety of weights and materials are available.

Rigid Wheelchairs

Rigid Wheelchairs – These are the lightest and easiest to self-propel manual wheelchairs. The frames are rigid but have removable wheels and/or folding backrests that make them lighter and easier to transport.

Passive Wheelchairs

Passive Wheelchairs – For the less mobile user, these offer maximum postural support and comfort, with a choice of back and headrest supports and incorporated features such as Tilt, Recline and elevating leg-rests.

Sports Chairs

Sports Chairs - Every sport has its own chair design to help maximise manoeuvrability and performance of the player. There are chairs for all levels from beginner to elite.

Power Assist Add Ons

Power Assist & Add Ons – The latest technology to adapt a manual wheelchair to cover longer distances or steep hills without extensive modification.

Hand Cycles

Hand Cycles – These clip easily onto your own wheelchair with a choice of manual gears, power assistance and pure power at various speeds. Ideal for fitness or traversing rough terrain.


Powerchairs – A wide range of highly configurable front, rear and mid wheel drive power-chairs combining the latest control systems and suspension with specialist seating.


Scooters – Designed for everyday use our scooter range features micro, mini, medium, large and bariatric models, transportable, off road, both with and without suspension.

Rise and Recliner Armchairs

Rise and Recliner Armchairs – To help you stand and to sit comfortable for long periods we have a range of stylish, single and dual motor armchairs with matching accessories.

Kids Stuff

Kids Stuff – The smallest and lightest range of kids manual wheelchairs from I year old. Also power-chairs, sports chairs and hand bikes.