M24 Twion

As a wheelchair user, one thing matters more than anything: Independence. We want mobility devices that can be adapted to our dynamic lifestyles, and are efficient, smart and fun to drive.

Twion wheels feature state of the art electric motors equipped with the most modern software and electronics to provide enough extra power with each push on the rim to comfortably overcome longer stretches or to easily surmount slopes. The driving sensor, positioned on the push rim, continuously and precisely determines the correct amount of assistance. Giving you the option to use manual or power assist to suit.

Using the latest technology the Alber Twion power assist wheels feature smartphone connectivity to adjust settings, record journeys, view battery life, view diagnostics and even remote control the wheelchair. These portable and lightweight Twion wheels are approximately 6kg each, and can travel up to 6km/hour (optionally up to 10km/hour). The Alber Twion power assist wheels fit most manual wheelchairs.

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